Street Puppets
Tonnta have a wide range of Street Puppets from Ozzy Osbourne to Bob Marley, the puppets change with the hottest trends. Each street puppet is from 10ft to 12ft in height when worn by the puppeteer. Street Puppets can be hired by anyone wanting to add excitement to festivals or parades.

Carnival Costumes (Notting Hill)
Why not bring the colour of Trinidad or the Rio Carnival to your own event. All costumes have been worn at the Notting Hill Carnival and most are prize winners. Tonnta can bring you that special Carnival atmosphere or you can hire as many costumes as you like to suit your event.

Props to Order (puppets etc)
Tonnta have a very skilled workhop team and all ideas for the construction of personalized Props will be considered, for example 30ft Dragons window sized puppets or anything as crazy as your imagination will allow.