“Tonnta believe that everyone can take part in community arts”

Community Arts Projects (Hospital/Haloween…
At present Tonnta Ltd. are in our third funded (Westmeath County Council Arts Fund) Arts Project in St. Vincent’s Hospital, Athlone with the longterm elderly residents. All projects to date have concluded with an exhibition of the patients art work to coincide with the Bealtine Festival held countrywide in the month of May.
Halloween is one of Tonnta’s largest community arts events of the year. It starts in September with Mask and Costume workshops in schools, community groups and after schools projects. The objectives are to get as many children, young adults and adults involved in deciding the theme of the Halloween Parade and then helping to make it happen.

Brideswell National School in Co. Roscommon wanted a mural painted on the wall of their playground to reflect the rural environment that the children lived in. All of the pupils took part in the designing and painting of the mural.

Graffitti Wall was a play written in conjunction with the Midland Health Board about the dangers of drugs and was produced by Tonnta Ltd. A cross section of the communities young adults were the performers, back stage personal, dancers and technical staff. The play was opened in Athlone on November 1998 as part of international drugs awareness year. Graffitti Wall’s last performance was in 2000 for the Penal Reform Trust.